Laser Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening treatments have become extremely popular in recent years and are now amongst the most asked for cosmetic treatments. Teeth whitening treatments can transform the appearance of the teeth in a matter of minutes and give you a beautiful, confident smile.

At our dental clinic, we offer the latest and highest quality of laser teeth whitening treatment. Our experienced team of professionals have many years of expertise, promising that your teeth will improve anywhere between 2 to 10 shades whiter after the procedure. We have the most up to date technology giving you peace of mind.

The diagnostic technique is completely safe and harmless. Our professionals use only the best quality products and they have the latest technology laser lamps and teeth whitening kits. All of the products have been directly imported from the EU or USA, assuring you have the highest quality products. Our dentists use only non-peroxide 100% legal gels that are EU regulated.

The Procedure

The Laser Teeth Whitening treatment comprises of three sessions, 15 minutes each and an additional 15 minutes are given to explain the process, the diet plan and the safety and precautions after you are done with the teeth whitening treatment. The timings may vary to allow the best results possible.

1st Session:

Our trained staff will insert a retractor into your mouth, this will allow the mouth to stay open during the process.

2nd Session:

A vitamin E teeth moisturizer and gum protector will be applied to ensure the utmost safety to your teeth and gums.

3rd Session:

Soon after, the non-peroxide gel will be applied evenly to your teeth and the bleaching process will be enhanced and accelerated with a laser lamp. This process is called oxidization which will remove stains and whiten your teeth.

4th Session:

After the three 15 minute intervals, you will see a big improvement in your teeth. After the procedure you will be talked to about the diet plan and precautions you need to take for the next 48 hours.

It is important to note, that the effects of whitening can vary from patient to patient. If someone comes in with decently white teeth already, his/her teeth won’t change as drastically as someone with slightly yellow teeth.

The Benefits

Getting the Laser Teeth Whitening done by our dentists gives you many benefits including the affordability and convenience. Some of these benefits are:

  • Look your best for every occasion
  • Boost your self-esteem and confidence
  • Make a good first impression
  • Increase your chances of getting the job you want
  • Look and feel younger

The duration of the effect of laser whitening can vary from person to person. It is envisaged to last for 6 months upto 1 year, but proper tooth care is very important in this period. The amount of consumption of food and beverages (tea, coffee, etc.) that may stain the teeth or smoking affect this period negatively.

Laser teeth whitening treatments don’t last forever, as eventually the colour will fade. Depending on the person, laser teeth whitening can provide great results however the length of time your teeth stay white will depend on your food and lifestyle choices, as well as the reasons your teeth became discoloured in the first place.

For best results, laser teeth whitening (performed by a dentist) is recommended once your colour starts to fade.

If you want to extend the time between laser teeth whitening treatments, try these strategies to prevent a rapidly discolouring smile:

  • Give up or cut back on smoking, to avoid your smile becoming yellow and dingy.
  • Avoid staining foods and drinks (such as blueberries, beetroot, coffee and red wine) as much as possible.
  • If you really must consume staining foods and drinks, try drinking through a straw and rinse your mouth out with water afterwards. Try and brush your teeth afterwards if possible.
  • Use a whitening toothpaste, as this will help remove surface stains and keep your teeth looking whiter for longer.
  • Maintain daily oral hygiene practices. Brushing and flossing at least twice a day is essential.
  • Get your teeth professionally cleaned every six months or so, to prevent hard-to-remove stains from setting on your teeth.