Your facial appearance is your calling card, and creates the first impression. The size and shape of your nose plays a significant role in the appeal of your face. Modern plastic surgery makes it possible, in talented hands, to create a more balanced, harmonious facial appearance by changing the shape, size or contour of the nose.

Rhinoplasty, commonly referred to as a “nose job,” is one of the most commonly performed facial surgeries. In addition to the procedure being performed for aesthetic improvement, a nose job may also be performed to resolve breathing problems associated with a deviated septum, birth defect, or trauma. If you have been considering a rhinoplasty, we want to assist you to take a closer look at the process.


The first step in finding out more about a rhinoplasty is to get in touch with us for an online consultation on WhatsApp number +90 542 512 51 64. During this consultation, you will get the opportunity to discuss your concerns and get all of your questions answered. You will have the opportunity to tell us the type of nose you envision for yourself. Feel free to send us a photo of a celebrity or other person who has what you consider to be the perfect nose for you.

During your personalized Rhinoplasty consultation, we will ask you about your medical history, as well as any issue of substance abuse, tobacco use, or alcohol use. Furthermore, you will need to send us a picure or a list of all medication and supplements you are currently taking. Part of the consultation involves a full and accurate medical history. Tell us about any past surgeries, procedures and complications you have experienced in your life. We can then make a decision based upon your general health, and whether you are a good candidate for the procedure.

During your consultation, we will make recommendations about best course of action to take for your nose job to achieve the most attractive result. Every person is different, and the nose structure may need to be altered significantly or just minimally, depending upon what needs to be achieved. We will also advise you about any further cosmetic procedures available to give you the best possible appearance, such as a facelift, neck lift, brow lift, or chin augmentation.

The Procedure

  • The Evening & Morning Before Rhinoplasty Surgery: As with all surgeries, you will need to stop eating and drinking fluids for a specific period of time the evening prior to your nose job, most often midnight. In some cases, defined by your physician, you may need to take certain medications with a small sip of water, e.g. beta-blockers, cholesterol medications, or other medicines.
  • The Rhinoplasty Surgery: When you go into the operating room, you will be administered general anesthesia. Our surgeon will begin making the incisions for the procedure once you’re sedated. In order to reduce the appearance of scars, the incisions will be made on the interior of the nose. Tiny incisions may be required where the nostrils (nares) meet the cheek for changes made in the shape, size, and appearance of large or misshapen nostrils. Your nose will be reshaped to match the vision you expressed in your consultation.

Most nose jobs require several hours if other procedures will be performed at the same time. After closing the incisions and addressing any issues with the nasal wall, or septum, you will be sent to the recovery room.

The healing process for your rhinoplasty begins immediately when you awaken in the recovery room. Your nose may be stuffed with packing to sustain the altered structures. In addition, your surgeon will place a stint on the exterior of your nose to hold the newly-shaped nose in place.

Rhinoplasty recovery times vary from person to person. Any incisions will be closed with dissolvable stitches, which will disappear on their own after a week or so. It’ll be at least two weeks before the bruising fades, and several months before your nose settles into its new shape following surgery. Before you leave the hospital, we’ll let you know what to do and what not to do after rhinoplasty to make sure you recover quickly. You’ll also have several appointments so we can check your nose job recovery is going well before you fly back home.

We’re often asked how long a rhinoplasty surgery takes, but there’s no simple answer; it’ll vary according to the procedure you choose to have. Typically, though, rhinoplasty surgery takes around two hours under general anaesthetic. You will probably require an overnight stay in hospital following the procedure, and so you should allow for a full 24 hours for the whole process.

There are several different types of nose jobs, each tackling different concerns. Reduction rhinoplasty, also known as nose reduction surgery, makes the nose smaller. Septorhinoplasty alters the external appearance and the internal septum, while rhinotip or nose tip surgery alters the tip of the nose and nostrils. Whether you’re thinking about having a nose job to make your nostrils smaller or considering nose straightening surgery, we will discuss the right method for you and the results you can realistically expect.