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Providing Quality Care, Because Our Specialty is You!

Our focus at My Imperial Care is to provide high quality treatments and care for overseas patients and become an example in our field.

We believe there is no higher calling than to provide exceptional care that is compassionate, dignified, and respectful of all people.

At My Imperial Care patients feel welcome and respected at every step of their healthcare journey, while experiencing personal and affordable care.

Y. Yetim

Founder of My Imperial Care, Medical Coordinator & Certified Personal Coach

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We are known for achieving amazing results in the hands of the best doctors and hospitals while making you feel at ease from the first moment you arrive in Antalya.

Patient Information

My Imperial Care (MIC) is Antalya’s best medical concierge service provider specializing in plastic surgery, skin care, dental, hair transplantation and more. MIC helps international patients to get their procedures without any hustle and makes the process simple and easy.

Going through medical or cosmetic procedures on your own is difficult, even for people that live here. Having an expert guiding you and being by your side from start to finish makes the process simply and easy. MIC ensures that your procedures have the best possible outcome. We work hard to make sure you are choosing the best clinics, the best doctors and that they are focusing on you as they should. We are on your side.

If there is a problem after you have left Antalya, contact us and we will help you to resolve the problem. Every clinic is different and each one of them have different policies, but we will do our best to communicate your concerns and try to help you as best as possible. Trying to do this on your own is very difficult. We are here as your advocate.

All of our services are completely free to the patient. With or without our services the treatment would not become any cheaper or more expensive. MIC specializes in international patient care. We save the clinics a lot of time, money and ensure the patient leaves happy. The costs to clinics doing this by themselves is extremely high and the quality tends to be low. The clinic saves a lot of administration costs by using our services which is why they are happy to work with us. MIC collects a small payment from clinics and yet the end result is an equal or sometimes even lower price for the patient.

Yes and no. We negotiate on your behalf for reasonable pricing but there is a limit before clinics start to reduce services, provide less experienced doctors etc. An experienced expert doctor will not lower his/her value much. Every time a clinic reduces their pricing too far, services start being taken away. You get what you pay for. There are price ranges where your procedures should fit into and we will help you to maximize what you get for what you pay. If you simply don’t have the budget for the procedure you want and the only option is to go with lower quality clinics and lower quality doctors then our recommendation is to hold off and wait a bit more until you can get the best quality. Revision cases can be up to 3x more expensive than 1st time surgeries. It is allways better to do it right, the first time.

We guarantee that your medical procedure will be performed according to the medical standards of the Ministry of Health in Turkey. The surgeons, clinics and hospitals have malpractice insurance and they provide a free corrective procedure in an unlikely case of a malpractice. Additional guarantees are also available based on the medical procedure, for example grafts transplanted during hair transplantation are guaranteed for a lifetime. Dental implants and breast implants have different guarantees based on the brand used. You will have an opportunity to discuss these during your consultation with us.

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Internationally-Accredited Facilities

Our facilities are licenced by the Turkish Ministry of Health and each one has their own additional accreditations like JCI, ISO & TÜV Rheinland.

Availability, All Year Round

Our patients are cared for from the second they contact us for a price quote up to years after their procedure to ensure that they remain happy and healthy at all times.

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Still unsure? Feeling overwhelmed? Talking to a real person can give you the guidance and reassurance needed. You don’t have to do it alone. Let’s find the right procedure for you together.

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