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    Single Incision Laparoscopic Surgery (SILS™)

    While many patients are interested in bariatric surgery, the fear of undergoing an invasive procedure may stop you from experiencing the incredible treatment benefits.

    The Single Incision Laparoscopic Sleeve (SILS™) uses just one small incision, reducing recovery time, discomfort, and visible scarring.

    What is a SILS™?

    Because of its many benefits, SILS™ is rapidly becoming a popular laparoscopic weight loss surgery all over the world.

    While a traditional Gastric Sleeve requires four to six small incisions, the single-incision sleeve gastrectomy is performed with only one single incision through the belly button. The surgeon uses laparoscopic tools to access the treatment area through a specialized SILS™ Port placed over the incision.

    For the patient, this technique means little to virtually no scarring, reduced post-operative pain and a quicker recovery. Because SILS™ is less invasive than the traditional Gastric Sleeve and simpler than Gastric Bypass surgery (Roux-en-Y), it also has lower complication rates.

    The Procedure

    The surgeon performs the Single Incision Sleeve (SILS™) by entering the abdomen and gaining access to the stomach through the belly button. Once the stomach is reached, he gently cuts and reduces about 80% of the stomach. Since only the stomach is removed, the chances of vitamin deficiencies and “dumping” syndrome are highly unlikely as with the Gastric Bypass.

    Sometimes, there is a small possibility you could need a second, very small incision for a drain to be put in. If it is needed, the scar in most cases is not even noticeable and often resembles a “scratch” as some patients describe it.

    Not everyone is a candidate for SILS™. Your Body Mass Index (BMI), earlier weight loss attempts and previous surgeries all play a role in determining your candidacy for the procedure. If you have a BMI between 34 and 39, or if you have 32 BMI and as well as certain co-morbidities, you may qualify for this surgery. Your medical coordinator can counsel you during the decision-making process to ensure that you receive the best treatment for your goals.

    • Quicker Recovery Time and Reduced Postoperative Pain
    • Minimally Invasive
    • Smaller scars for better cosmetic results

    We are happy to go over the risks and benefits of the single incision laparoscopic surgery (SILS™) with you, so you can ask any questions you may have and ultimately feel confident about your weight loss procedure decision.

    Single incision laparoscopic surgery is just one of many options you have for bariatric surgical procedures. Contact us at WhatsApp number +90542 52 51 64 to learn more.