Terms and Conditions

By accepting our terms and conditions, you confirm that you will be bounded with our terms and you agree to comply with them. Please read them carefully.
My Imperial Care (MIC) reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to change, modify, add or remove temporarily or permanently of these Terms. MIC shall not be liable to any user or third-party for any such modification, suspension or discontinuance.


“Agreement”: This Agreement
“Terms”: This Terms
“We”: My Imperial Care (https://www.myimperialcare.com).
“You”: Patient
“My Imperial Care”: Trading and Brand Name
“Service Provider”: The hospital, private clinic, surgeon, or any other medical professional providing your consultation, examination, medical procedure, and care and aftercare.
“Medical Package”: The combination of surgery, accommodation, private transfers, host, and pre-operative tests (if required) you have chosen to purchase from MIC.
“Procedure”: The medical treatment or surgery you have chosen to undertake.

MIC’s Responsibilities

  1. MIC is responsible for organizing your medical treatment with your selected treatment provider, optionally including and organizing your accommodation, airport transfers, and inner-city transfers.
  2. Your procedure is offered by the exchange of pictures, test results, and long-distance communication. Therefore, it might change during the physical examination with your treatment provider. 
  3. By accepting our terms you agree that the service provider is responsible for any malpractice only in the case that he/she has gross fault during the operation.
  4. As part of this contract, we will provide you with schedules containing the following information:
    a) Information about your treatment or package:
    b) Information about the costs of your treatment or package:
    c) Information about visa and passport requirements (also to be obtained from https://www.evisa.gov.tr/en/) 
    d) Information about your accommodation,
    e) Information about your driver,
    f) Date of the Treatment
  5. We do not operate or control the services offered by accommodation, travel, or transfer companies. By accepting this agreement, you agree that the use of third-party providers is without warranties of any kind by us. Under no circumstances are we liable for any damages arising from the transactions between you and third-party accommodation, travel, or transfer providers.
  6. If we have to cancel or change your booking, we will contact you. In such circumstances stated below, you can choose to rearrange your procedure with us FREE OF CHARGE or cancel your booking and get a refund after deduction of admin and cancellation fees of £ 150.00. However, we are not responsible for any other losses or expenses you suffer because of circumstances beyond our control. Circumstances beyond our control or force majeure include the following:
    a) Flight delays or cancellations
    b) Terrorist activity, war
    c) Civil unrest, strike
    d) Bad weather such as a hurricane, flooding, etc.
    e) Earthquake or Health Pandemic 
    For postponing your surgery date we need a 4 weeks notice in advance (30 days) prior to your surgery, otherwise, we will not be able to postpone your surgery. Any surgery postpone requests within the 4 weeks notice, will be subject to availability as we are almost fully booked for 2020.
    Note that if you wish to postpone your surgery to 2021, the prices will or can bu subject to a raise within the next year. This has nothing to do with us and we cannot secure nor guarantee the price for 2021 to be the same as 2020, as the fees of hospitals, hotels, and surgeons will definitely go up and so is our package prices which are based on the previously mentioned services. 

Your Responsibilities

  1. By accepting these terms and conditions, you agree to share all information about your medical condition.
  2. You are responsible for providing appropriate information regarding your medical condition in order to provide you the right treatment over WhatsApp with your consultant.
  3. By accepting our Terms and Conditions, you agree to share the details of your medical history, including your pictures, test results, prescriptions, x-rays, with your Service Provider and MIC. We are not liable if the medical history you shared with us is incomplete, incorrect or if any information is withheld.
  4. You are responsible for ensuring you have the following:
    a) A valid, acceptable passport.
    b) A visa, if necessary.
    c) Other documentation.
  5. If asked for, you are responsible for submitting, in advance of travel, passenger information to your airline. 
  6. You accept that in the event of your failure to satisfy the requirements of paragraphs 4. and 5. or the information or documents provided by you is incorrect, you may be refused carriage and entry to the country you are visiting. You accept and acknowledge that in the event of this eventuality you will be solely responsible for all resultant losses and MIC will accept no responsibility or liability thereof. You are solely responsible for any fines or costs (including the costs of an immediate return flight) you accrue because you fail to travel with the required passport, visa or other documentation. MIC accepts no liability in this situation and no compensation, expenses, refund, or other sums will be paid back.


  1. In some cases MIC might request you to make a down-payment after you come to an agreement with MIC for the medical package or procedure. This down-payment will be used to guarantee your hospital, accommodation, and VIP transfer arrangements. Unless you make the down-payment, MIC is not responsible to make the required arrangements for treatment and related services.
  2. The down-payment amount will be determined during the discussions between MIC and the patient. This down-payment will behold by MIC and accepted as forfeit Money. If the patient unilaterally cancels the treatment, the down-payment won’t be paid back.
  3. The patient may cancel the treatment free of charge if: (i) A physician determines and provides a medical report that the Patient is not eligible for the treatment (ii) A physician determines that the Patient is not eligible for travel (the Patient should provide MIC up to three (3) weeks after cancellation a physician’s certificate stating the Patients non-eligibility to travel); (iii) In case of natural catastrophes such as earthquakes or wars.

Changes and Applicable law

We reserve the right to make changes to this website and our Terms. We encourage you to review the website and these terms periodically for any updates or changes. Your continued access or use of this website shall be deemed as your acceptance of these Terms and any changes and the reasonableness of these standards for notice of changes. This Agreement is governed by the law of Turkey and is subject to the jurisdiction of the courts of Turkey.