Buttock Enhancement (BBL)

The Brazilian Bum Lift otherwise known as Buttock Augmentation or BBL surgery is a cosmetic surgery fast raising in popularity all over the world thanks to some very famous celebrities undergoing the procedure.

It enhances the volume of the bum and allows the crafting of the desirable shape of the buttocks via a method called liposculpture.

If you feel less confident on the beach or in swimsuit this might be the right cosmetic procedure to restore your confidence and achieve your desired body image.

The best candidates for a Brazilian Butt Lift

A Brazilian Butt Lift can be a great option to improve the shape and size of the buttocks, however, certain patients are better suited to the procedure, and it is important to have realistic expectations about the surgery, recovery, and results. In general, you are likely a good candidate for a Brazilian Butt Lift if you agree with the following:

  • You want a buttock augmentation without implants;
  • You have good skin tone in the hips and buttocks;
  • You have adequate fat stores in other areas to harvest for injection into the buttocks;
  • You are willing and able to avoid sitting directly on your buttocks for several weeks.

Despite its name, a Brazilian Butt Lift is not a traditional “lifting” procedure. It does not address loose skin on the buttocks. If you are bothered by excess, sagging skin on the buttocks or thighs, Thigh and/or Buttock lift surgery may be a more suitable option.

The Procedure

A Brazilian Butt Lift involves three basic steps:

  • Fat is removed from the hips, lower back, thighs, abdomen, and/or other areas with liposuction.
  • The extracted fat is purified and prepared for transfer.
  • The cosmetic surgeon injects fat into specific points on the buttocks to increase volume and improve shape.

Surgery is typically performed as an outpatient procedure, using general anesthesia or intravenous sedation and local anesthesia. It is typical for a portion of the injected fat not to “take” in its new location. Our experienced cosmetic surgeons take this into account and may initially inject a slightly greater amount of fat into the buttocks than is needed to ensure your final results most closely achieve your goals.

A Brazilian Bum Lift is typically performed under general anesthesia, this is primarily done to reduce the amount of discomfort during the process as much as possible. If you feel ill prior to your procedure it can have unexpected consequences. Even a sniffle should be reported to our team, so that we can determine whether you are fit to undergo the surgery or not.

Six weeks prior to the surgery you must stop smoking. It is also advisable to stop taking medication which acts as a blood thinner prior to any surgery. At least two weeks off work is also advised, as it may be difficult to sit for long periods of time given the potential discomfort after surgery. Wear loose, comfortable, clothing the day of your surgery to prevent rubbing on the swelling or bruises which are likely to form.

Liposuction from the desired area surrounding your buttocks will be the first step in your BBL surgery. Our surgical team will endeavour to keep the incisions from the liposuction portion of the procedure as minimal as possible. These will only be around 3 to 4mm long. This not only removes fat from problem areas, but it is then used to provide a natural boost to your buttocks. The even injection of this across the buttocks area is the second, final, part of the procedure.

Our glutes are used on a daily basis to perform much of our movement in our daily lives. Because of this, there are some significant activity restrictions which you’ll need to adhere to as you recover from your BBL surgery. We will outline these restrictions for you and it is highly recommended you follow them for the best outcome from your BBL surgery.

If patients work involves sitting down for much of the day, 3-4 weeks or more should be taken off from work. If less sitting is involved in your work, then at least 2 weeks should be planned off from work. Generally, a compression garment is worn for around 3-6 months following the procedure.

Pain and discomfort involved with the recovery can be controlled with prescribed medication and patients should just try to take it easy and recover at their own pace. Final results should become apparent at about 6 months to one year, once swelling has subsided and the fat has had a chance to establish itself in the buttock enhancement area after transfer.